Removing logo on hat & how to view skins without in-game?

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Removing logo on hat & how to view skins without in-game?

Post by jssc » 16 Mar 2017, 09:23

I'm a newbie at L4D2 modding which is obvious. But I figured out how to open the files [GCFScape & VTFEdit] and convert them for Photoshop. I even posted my first pill skin a couple days ago in the workshop*.

But here's the thing: If I want to start fresh on a t-shirt or hat that has a previous logo; how do I go about that? I tried to clone stamp out Ellis' truck patch and it seemed fine in PS, but when I take a look in game, the whole logo was still showing through my edits - vaguely of course, but you could still see it by light reflection. (In PS I had the logo completely removed!) How do I go about editing those logos out for a blank canvas? No dirty hat, no mesh, etc. Are there blank templates out there I can use? If not, why was the logo still showing up?

What about the inverted images that are blue/purple? How do they work within the game and are they important to my skins? Are they the reason for the logos still showing through?

How do I also go about viewing my skins for hats and shirts without having to open the game every single time to view them in action? It's hard to see if I've made an error because Ellis gets weird when I approach him with the sniper rifle. I've seen people with model viewer type views [I guess] but I have no idea how to get my mods to show up in those types of programs.

From my short research, I have yet to come across anything like this that answers my questions. I'm not looking to dive deep into mapping or anything just yet or if at all. But I would like to make some nice quality apparel and items for my own amusement. I would appreciate some feedback on these issues. I have tons of ideas just waiting to be put into action, but I can't get past this road block.

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