Custom units are very tiny/small in Hammer

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Custom units are very tiny/small in Hammer

Post by Paz » 23 Jul 2016, 09:34


It's my first time creating custom models for Hammer and after going through all steps of content creation, the unit appears to be tiny, viewing it in Hammer. Like, seriously tiny. Checking the .qc file, I have the scale set to 1 ($scale "1"), so that should be alright.

I'm working from Maya, then export as .obj, import to Milkshape, export as .smd and then compile the model using StudioCompiler.

I've tried changing .qc's value, including actually resizing the model in Maya and Milkshape. Still small.
This has happened with 2/2 units I've created so far.

Any ideas or experience of why this could happen?
Thanks for any input.

Edit: The model was actually just really tiny when modeled, I just wasn't aware of the actual scale. 8-) Just had to size it up. Over and out.

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