How to make a record of events from lvl1 affect lvl5?

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Post by hypnocyst » 08 Sep 2012, 11:11

Psycofalc. I had the same thought. I had the exact same setup thought up (had to draw it out to keep track of what would go where) but it didn't work. Even if the gnome wasnt shot in map 1, the brush for some reason wouldnt show in map 2 which stopped the "chain" unfortunately. I think i'm giving up on this.

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Post by Psycofalc » 09 Sep 2012, 01:51

Sorry mate, I didn't mean for the brushes to be transfered via maps, the trigger brushes would be unique to each map.
Survivors find the gnome in map 1
This spawns a prop_physics in the safe room joining map 1 and 2
That prop_physics gets transfered over to map 2
In map 2 there would be a trigger_multiple encasing where the prop_physics would be
Using Outputs you'd trigger another prop physics to spawn in the Safe room joining map 2 and 3

You'd repeat this process until you reach map 5 which would kill the panels instead of spawning another gnome

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Post by hypnocyst » 09 Sep 2012, 04:12

Yeh, i think i was the unclear one. I had in mind to do the setup you describe. Shooting a gnome in map 1 would cause the relevant panel placed out of sight near the end safe room of map 1 to be disabled. I hoped this would mean that same panel would then be disabled in the starting safe room (or just outside so the player never sees) of map 2 if in the same spot relative to the info_landmark. Up until the final map, the panels would actually be under a prop_physics. So if map 2 loads with 1 panel missing because it was disable in map 1 by shooting the gnome, the prop_physics that would have sat on it would fall enough of a distance to have damage done to it. This would then trigger the relevant panel to be deleted near the end safe room of map 2 and it would keep transfering like this right up to map 5 where the falling prop_physics would then cause the "trophy case" panels to be disabled or not where appropriate.

This wasn't possible though. Because disabling (or killing) the panel in any map didn't seem to affect the panel in the following map. It would always be there, undeleted, no matter what. I even tried attaching the panels to func_tanktrains) so that when a gnome was shot it just moved the panel in the hope that it then wouldn't generate in the following map because its location had changed relative to the landmark so it didn't match up between maps. This had the effect of meaning the panel never showed in the following map.


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