Request help to find a custom L4D2 Survival map

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Request help to find a custom L4D2 Survival map

Post by Calais » 27 May 2015, 07:05

Hello, everyone.

I need some help to find a custom L4D2 Survival map. Sadly, I can't remember the name, but I can give you a detailed description of the map. I downloaded it in January, 2014 and played it the last time on February 3, 2014. I found it on and I have already checked all map sections on, gamebanana*.com and the Steam workshop*, but I just can't find it anymore. I don't have access to the map anymore because the external HDD it was saved on crashed six months ago.

Here are all the information that I can give you, as detailed as possible. Any help finding this map will be greatly appreciated. In case someone can lead me to the map that I'm looking for, they will be rewarded.

Game mode: Survival
Environment: City/Urban
Time of day: Day
Weather: Sunny
Player mode: L4D1 survivors/L4D2 survivors

- You can play either as Nick, Ellis, Coach or Rochelle.
- The original survivors (I can't guarantee that this also counts for Bill) cover you from the top of a building.
In and on top of the same building, there are Half-Life/Half-Life 2 character models that act as non-playable mercenaries.
- The entire map is mostly built out of concrete and looks dirty and ruined.
- The map contains two buildings. One has approximately two levels and the other one has approximately four levels.
- The stairwell to the upper levels of the higher building is blocked by wooden barricades. The same building probably doesn't have any glass panes in its windows.
The L4D2 survivors spawn in the ground level of the smaller building, in which they can scavenge some tier 2 weapons and items.
A HAM radio that triggers the start of the crescendo event is located in the same room the L4D2 survivors spawn in. This room has big windows and probably a breakable door.
- The shape of the map is rectangular and the two buldings are located next to each other near one of the two long walls.
A white van/transporter is located near the short wall at the opposite end of the map. At the same end of the map, the ground is broken and this end of the map also reminds of a parking lot.
- The entire map is surrounded by white/lt. gray brick/concrete walls/murs and one corner of the map (near to the van/transporter) has chainmail fences on top of it.

All screenshots that I still have from this map can be found here:
They show the barricaded upper levels of the higher building.

In case you can't see the link to the screenshots, just let me know. If you can give any more information about this map, please leave a comment here.

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