L4D2 Dedicated Servers

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L4D2 Dedicated Servers

Post by L4DJDM » 12 Apr 2010, 15:49

Hey guys,

Forgive what must be to most of you a noob question lol but i'm just for the first time looking into this for L4D2.

How do you create Dedicated Servers with L4D2? I've looked through the tools section of steam and unless im blind I can only see a dedicated Server app for Left 4 Dead 1.
Am I missing something?


EDIT: Never mind! I'M BLIND! Found it! lol :oops: Well at least the stupidity of this rather brief post can brighten up someones day!

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Re: L4D2 Dedicated Servers

Post by Aro2220 » 18 Apr 2011, 22:27


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