Hosting a lan game

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Hosting a lan game

Post by Cuddle » 16 Apr 2012, 15:43

Hey guys,

I've been recently playing L4D2 via Lan with some friends of mine. Since we finished with the usual campaigns, I thought, that it'd be great to try some new maps.

So I installed the Map "Shadow Moses Island".
It is installed correctly, as I can say by seeing it in the "Extras" tab.

Still I have troubles launching the map via console
-sv_lan 1
-map [???]

I tried various possibilities like "shadowmoses - shadow moses - shadow_moses - sm - .. " but how can I find out the real name of the map to start hosting it with the console command ? :l

I will try other maps to be able to eliminate errors made by the game itself.

Hope you guys can help me out :).

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Post by 1SG_HEARTLESS » 16 Apr 2012, 16:21

you can use gfcscape to open the vpk and find the map names there.

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Post by JohnDorian » 16 Apr 2012, 16:51

what 1SG_Heartless said is spot on.

You can also move any addon maps/campaigns out of the addons folder temporarily and when you type 'map' into console the available maps should pop down, you ought to be able to spot the one you want in the (much shorter) list that way. hth

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Post by taeuto » 16 Apr 2012, 19:52

or write in the console maps * (or maps* can't remember)
it shows all the map names
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Post by Cuddle » 17 Apr 2012, 01:18

KK, it worked. Tyvm guys.

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