Dedicated Server Custom Map help

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Dedicated Server Custom Map help

Post by ObscureProtection » 26 Apr 2012, 20:08

I've been trying to set up my dedicated server using a custom map for the past 6 hours. I've read a lot of things all over the web and I'm still unable to solve this issue that's holding me back.

I'm not sure why this hasn't been answered (if it has, it's unclear to me what the solution is).

Goal: Host dedicated server with custom map "Helms Deep Reborn" allowing 8 players.

Server: Windows XP
(I'm accessing my server with another computer in the house - macbook)

I've gotten my dedicated server to work fine with official maps, and my friends can hop on the server (no port forwarding issues). I can't get the server to load custom maps however. Whenever I type "map helms_deep_reborn_v16" on the server console I get an error that states that "maps/helms_deep_reborn_v16.bsp does not exist".

First off, why is it trying to open a .bsp file? helms_deep_reborn_v16 is a .vpk file. To fix this issue, I ended up extracting helms_deep_reborn_v16.vpk into the server folder l4d2. I used the command "map helms_deep_serious_v16" (which is the .bsp file name after you extract the helms_deep_reborn_v16.vpk).

This works. I can join the server and the map loads, however all of the weapons on the wall, the horses in the stall, even Legolas has giant red "error" images floating.

So here's my question.

What is the exact command on the server console to load a custom map (.vpk NOT .bsp) that's in the addons folder?

I've tried: map addons/helms_deep_reborn_v16
That doesn't work.

I've looked at the Sourcemod and Metamod wiki's to find some kind of command line code to load a custom map through the addons folder, I can't find any.

I've also made sure to edit the addonlist.txt file to include "helms_deep_reborn_v16".

I'm fresh out of ideas. I dunno what else to do to get the custom map to load correctly. Any help would be appreciated.

Also, if you could point me into the direction of how to get 8player survival to work, that'd be awesome. Thanks.

Below is an attached image of the errors on the map.

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Post by ObscureProtection » 26 Apr 2012, 22:46

Alright well I solved the issue. It seems you didn't need to unpack the .vpk file. Just open it using gcfscape to see the true name of the .bsp file within the .vpk and call it on the server command line by using "map l4d2_helms_deep_serious_v16".

I no longer have any model/texture "errors" on the map. However, the map is still empty, there's no weapons or anything populated on it. Does anybody know what the issue is?

If I start a local server on my client, there's no issue with populating items, but when I start it on my dedicated server it's empty.

Edit: Well I figured out the problem. The items only populate if you start it as a survival map. The command line code for everything to work properly is: "map l4d2_helms_deep_serious_v16 survival"

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