All in One

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All in One

Post by MysteryOne » 09 Jul 2016, 15:32


I've liked this site (and it's former site) for a long time and decided that i now come say 'Hi' and support with a donation.
Also, i have a request that's been bugging me a while: All campaigns of both L4D1 and L4D2 campaigns as one map.

I do not mean that 1 and 2 are in the same though, just that they have a single campaign as one than transitions to the next map (campaign). No Mercy (as one map)->Crash Course, etc. Dead Center (same)->The Passing, etc. In 'chronological' order. Easier said than done? I don't recall finding such a mod that does this. So, can anyone do this for me? Will anyone do this? Thanks in advance! :)

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Re: All in One

Post by insane3004 » 09 Jul 2016, 17:49

It would take some work...

Someone would still have to decompile the maps... and edit the first and last chapter of each campaign... Teleporting the survivors to a saferoom on the finale, and having a fake saferoom for the beginning of the next map where the campaign usually starts... Everything else could be the literal maps just called upon in the mission text...

Tis enough work that it would be a royal pain in the ass...

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Re: All in One

Post by thekiller901 » 09 Jul 2016, 18:30

Plus (if I read your request directly) compressing an entire campaign like No Mercy into a single map would be extremely difficult if not impossible.

When making a campaign, you need to keep the levels within your workspace; and an entire map the size of No Mercy would most likely exceed those limits if it were for the checkpoints breaking it up.

You also need to contend with block and entity limits (both of which I believe I have hit at one point), entities which have hard limits programmed into them and even how many textures you can have specially placed on blocks.

In addition to entities with hard limits, there are entities which there should only be in one of in each chapter. Within No Mercy, the ambient light can change between the levels and while I don't believe I have tried it, I believe you only have one of those type of entities per map. The type of sky and sky box used in No Mercy changes as well between the levels and you literally cannot have more than one of those.

I know this bit isn't helpful but I seem to recall a campaign similar to what you were describing called Fairview. I think it combined No Mercy, Crash Course and Death Toll.
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Re: All in One

Post by MysteryOne » 10 Jul 2016, 07:21

Thanks for replies and informing of this. :|

I have a solution to this issue: Anyone know of a mod that let's you play the campaigns in a row,
with credits after the last one? The Fairview/fairfield campaign is for L4D1, no L4D2 version yet, but does anyone know any more similiar campaigns?

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