Metal Gear Solid request (files included)

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Metal Gear Solid request (files included)

Post by Negi Springfield » 11 Feb 2017, 00:34

Hello there. I don't know if anyone can help me here but I recently managed to get my hands on some Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes models via a Garry's Mod ragdoll collection and I'd really like it if someone could possibly convert it into a L4D2 player model. Preferably Meryl over Rochelle. I have the loose files (already in Source formats due to being from Garry's Mod) I could upload if the request is taken up.

Alternatively, I would like it if someone could convert this .obj based model of MGS2 Raiden to Ellis if at all possible. ... odel/7940/

I don't expect both of them to be done. It's really either/or.
I appreciate any kind of response.

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