Half-Life characters for all L4D2 survivors

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Half-Life characters for all L4D2 survivors

Post by ak47toh » 18 May 2017, 07:37

Hello there, humans. This will be my very first post since I came here at this GameMaps site months ago. I know this is an awesome place where I can get many good Left 4 Dead addons, mods, as well as custom skins/models what I cannot get from Steam. I think this place is much more friendly to all users (both Steam & non-Steam), but that's just my opinion.

Anyway, if you are a longtime fan of Half-Life (and Portal) just like me and you want to port in main characters to Left 4 Dead 2 to feel it more like you're playing HL universe, then this will be my main point of creating this request thread. Now, I know there are already existing ported HL characters uploaded few years ago, but the problem is: many of them had their own minor issues such as mouth not opening, bad textures, missing incap/lobby icons etc.

I see that many of their respective custom models were uploaded here years ago, so I thought it may not be good if I comment at there since those authors won't be able to reply there. So I'm now making this thread.

So here's the thing: is anyone interested in modifying or recreate from scratch for all 8 survivors below:

L4D2 SURVIVORS (Gordon, Alyx, Adrian, Barney)

Gordon Freeman replaces Coach
Here is the existing Gordon model (by GiMMik): http://www.gamemaps.com/details/2887
There seems to have some issues with this model, so I would kindly request for modifying this Gordon (Coach) that includes:

- Open his mouth when he talks (PS: Don't start with "Gordon doesn't talk, this is L4D2 not HL) as well as his facial animation
- His firstperson HEV hand model
- Gordon's incap icons, lobby icons (using L4D2 style) and Hud icon (black/white)

Alyx Vance replaces Rochelle
Existing model (by GiMMik): http://www.gamemaps.com/details/2885

- Alyx's facial animation and open her mouth when talks
- Her eye should be smaller & green
- Fix Alyx neck, and her height (if possible)
- Her firstperson hand model
- Alyx's incap icons, lobby icons (using L4D2 style) and Hud icon (black/white)
- Alyx voice mod IF POSSIBLE, tho this isnt necessary

Adrian Shephard replaces Ellis
Existing model (by Anfrien/zexalyuma): http://www.gamemaps.com/details/17655

- Fix Adrian's medkit/defib position on his back (is it possible to remove his green backpack model? If not, never mind)
- Adrian already had his own firstperson hand model, but it would be good if someone able to fix the bug of his hand floating at corner screen especially when he uses Fire Axe
- Adrian's lobby icons (using L4D2 style) and Hud icon (black/white). He had his own incap icon, so this part isn't needed

Barney Calhoun replaces Nick
There's currently no official Barney Calhoun's HL2 model for L4D2, though this one from Xenecrite/1337gamer15 is probably the closest I got: http://www.gamemaps.com/details/4059

- Using that Xenecrite model, replace with the real Barney face (either HL2/beardless or EP1/beard would be fine)
- Barney mouth opens when talking
- Fix Barney's head texture as well as his eyes if possible, his back head sometimes have black squares so hopefully someone can fix this
- Barney's incap icons, lobby icons (using L4D2 style) and Hud icon (black/white)
- Barney voice mod (IF POSSIBLE)

L4D1 SURVIVORS (Chell, G-Man, Grigori, Odessa)

Chell replaces Zoey
Existing model (by Emanbees/Splinks): http://www.gamemaps.com/details/14208

- Chell's facial animation and open her mouth when talks
- Chell's Hud icon in proper L4D2 black/white theme. Her incap & lobby icons are ok

G-Man replaces Louis
Existing model (by Samuel Stuhlinger): http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f ... =838094182

- G-Man facial animation and mouth opens when talking
- Fix his left ear

Father Grigori replaces Bill
There is no official Father Grigori model in L4D2 so far. I wonder why nobody make one for this awesome character. Isn't Ravenholm's zombie level should make more people feel like creating him? Anyhow:

- Grigori's face, facial animation (including mouth opening of course)
- Grigori first-person hand model
- Grigori's incap icons, lobby icons (using L4D2 style) and Hud icon (black/white)
- Grigori's voice mod, but I think this is not entirely necessary since both Grigori and Bill was from the same voice actor anyway

Odessa Cubbage replaces Francis
Now, I'm actually thinking which HL/Portal character to replace Francis. At first I thought about Otis Laurey from OpFor/BS, but this is not possible because he hasn't appear in any Source games let alone HL2 universe yet. Therefore, I would choose Odessa from HL2's Highway 17 instead because he's one of minor character that has fighting spirit.

- Odessa's face, facial animation (including mouth opening of course)
- Odessa first-person hand model
- Odessa's incap icons, lobby icons (using L4D2 style) and Hud icon (black/white)
- Odessa's voice mod IF POSSIBLE

*For incap icons, I recommend use the L4D2 templates (G-Man & Adrian Shephard already using this).
*For HUD icons, the best HL2 character portrait would be using Garrys Mod 13's spawnicons. But feel free to use yours as long as it suits the L4D2 black/white theme icon.

Why am I choosing the particular L4D1/L4D2 survivors is beyond me. But I think you can figure out the reason for some of the obvious cases. (eg why I chose Zoey to be replaced with Chell, or why I choose Bill, not others, to be replaced with Grigori etc.) I'm playing L4D2 game currently, this mean all 8 custom models including the L4D1 survivors will be used for L4D2.

One of the main reason I said all these out is because very few people nowadays has given reminder to respective authors for each models to fix all the bugs and missing textures/icons. For example, many people wanted a Barney Calhoun and Father Grigori models, but none seems to take note and personally made one. I tried to find one but so far there's none.

I could have make the models by myself if only I had time and the tools. But even so, I know nothing of making 3D models as it would be time consuming to study the method of doing it so. Hence this is why I ask for public request to anyone interested & capable to recreate these HL2 models.

Again, if anyone is interested in creating/edit any of the aforementioned models above in full pack, please reply here. The all 8 characters doesn't have to be in one VPK. I think better make it separate packs as possible.

I would be much appreciated and I also welcome any discussions. Please excuse my English as its not my native language. Thank you very much!

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