Unauthorized modification redistribution discussion

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Re: Unauthorized modification redistribution discussion

Post by daywalkerdave1963 » 01 Oct 2017, 15:42

I have a policy which does seem to reduce the harsh words toward each other. I do make an effort to contact an author of a campaign 3 times over 3 weeks before I go ahead and repair/fix/convert their campaigns. Most time folks are ok with me working on their stuff because they aren't interested in maintaining it anymore or they just don't respond at all which makes me feel the work is abandoned all together. I usually can figure that out for myself from the comments it gathers over time also. However, on occasion I have someone who doesn't want their stuff fixed and I just leave it lie. This has only happened once. Not a biggie as there are over 1600 campaigns out here that need love, most of them 1 maps or 2 maps etc that aren't finished. Add a few of those together and you can have a killer campaign. :) This method gives new life to old campaigns that would otherwise fall to the wayside basically wasting all the hard work the original author out into them. Trust me, sometimes just fixing them up takes enough work in itself. One thing for certain is that I do try to make my best effort also at fixing up the campaigns. I don't know everything but I am way persnickety about my work. However, you know what they say about pleasing everyone. :) On the topic of porting L4D1 campaigns, I know there are folks out here who don't appreciate it for a myriad of reasons. Not sure why? As long as I got credit for my contribution I personally would feel flattered that someone felt my work was worth their effort to pursue. I guess this is where I interject a "to each their own" on that one. Well guys, Peace out and happy creating. Off to run my son home :) PLUR - Timelord out.;

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Re: Unauthorized modification redistribution discussion

Post by Trunten » 01 Oct 2017, 17:01

Thanks, Dave, I know there are many who appreciate what you and Huck do!

I guess you're just more sociable than Huck or just willing to explain yourself.

Which is all I've ever done but it makes me appear to be "defending" the "bad guys".

And I still find it funny I don't see anyone complain about you doing what you do... it's just Huck.

Now if Rayman or whatever "staff" is still left would actually clean up the harassment from RainingMetal and Hortenc.

Oh, and I'll just leave this here: http://www.gamemaps.com/terms-of-use

Content that is not allowed on GameMaps.com

Defamatory, torturous, slanderous material.
Racism, hatred, or harm against any individual or group or nationality.
Copyrighted content or content without due credit.
Anything that offends the community as a whole or reflects negativity against GameMaps including its reputation.

Reporting Users / Add-ons (3)
When a user has been reported numerous times for the same reason within a specific duration; The account is automatically restricted or banned. If your add-ons are abandoned numerous times, your account will become restricted. If your account has been restricted you may contact us to gain full access.

Add-on Submissions (5)

Add-ons can be added by any member resulting in distribution across the world. For quality assurance to our visitors; listings may be edited, revised or disabled at any time for any reason.
The right of reproduction; The right of distribution, and The right to make publicly available.
The terms ensures that he/she is entitled to grant the actions above (Sec. 5) and that no rights of any third parties will be violated by GameMaps.

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Re: Unauthorized modification redistribution discussion

Post by Trunten » 28 Oct 2017, 16:14

"Fixed_zoey" from the topless spitter user needs to be removed.
When y'all can be bothered, of course.

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Re: Unauthorized modification redistribution discussion

Post by Roflmahwafflz » 30 Oct 2017, 06:06

Noticed something unrelated to thread itself, but I find it hilarious:
"Content that is not allowed on GameMaps.com"
"Copyrighted content or content without due credit."
goodbye to more than half the website xD
You... I know you.

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Re: Unauthorized modification redistribution discussion

Post by Trunten » 13 Dec 2017, 17:22

I found my mod stolen for the first Left 4 Dead.
I do was not contacted for permission.
I also don't authorize redistribution.
I request deletion of this.

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Re: Unauthorized modification redistribution discussion

Post by Trunten » 15 Dec 2017, 19:11


User has already repeatedly stolen my mods before... and now including screenshots.
He also thinks he's clever and social banned me from commenting further proving he's a thief.
You should just ban this guy.

Edit: I made a second account to get around his attempt of social banning to warn others.


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