Japanese Left 4 Dead arcade machine questions

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Japanese Left 4 Dead arcade machine questions

Post by thekiller901 » 01 Jul 2017, 05:15

1. I couldn't find any threads here even remotely hinting towards said game (although I couldn't search for ‘Survivors’ [as in ‘Left 4 Dead: Survivors’] due to it being too generic for the site's search engine), so I decided to make my own and ask what you think about this Japanese exclusive arcade game?

2. Would anyone be interested if it were ported to the rest of the world as an expansion pack for Left 4 Dead 2?

As a deranged individual who likes playing with the editor, I would love having a campaign which featured these new survivors alongside the original eight as well as play with the new weapons. I might also play around with how you can customize the new survivors’ clothing and run through the slightly modified campaigns once or twice just to experience the re-skinned and re-programmed Special Infected just experienced them first-hand instead of just reading a translation of a blurb about them and what they do.
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Re: Japanese Left 4 Dead arcade machine questions

Post by hortenc » 04 Aug 2017, 03:24

In my opinion there is more players interested in custom campaigns for the original l4d than for the fake l4d2. All of my friends, who tried both versions, are atm playing only the original and customs for it. I think that we'd have to rest l4d2 in peace (R.I.P.).

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