Evacuated to Military Cruiseship?

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Evacuated to Military Cruiseship?

Post by thekiller901 » 07 Jan 2017, 08:24

I heard once that the Left 4 Dead 2 survivors were evacuated to a military cruiseship after being rescued at the end of The Parish. However when I look for the source of the information, I come up empty. Does anyone know where that fact came from or is there something which at least hints to this in game?
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Re: Evacuated to Military Cruiseship?

Post by Roflmahwafflz » 07 Jan 2017, 09:46

No there is no fact based info as to where the survivors were evacuated to, it is purely speculation. If the survivors were evacuated to a ship, an aircraft carrier would be the most likely due to the fact the military is using multiple fighter jets as well as helicopters. Otherwise any military base or air force base would work as well. It is worth noting there are multiple bases close enough to New Orleans that they would be just as likely. There is also a major CDC research station (CEDA in the L4D2 world) in Louisiana that would be just as likely as it is a disease and the survivors are carriers; so it wouldnt be too likely theyd be taken to any military base of operations unless there was a good quarantine system much like the failed system in The Sacrifice comics.
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Re: Evacuated to Military Cruiseship?

Post by HandselfOne » 01 Jun 2017, 07:40

It's just what people have come up with as a plausible theory. I also think they got on some sort of aircraft carrier as it makes the most sense.

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Re: Evacuated to Military Cruiseship?

Post by insane3004 » 01 Jun 2017, 14:07

You are talking about this right?...

I'm probs wrong, but is first thing that came to mind... I've had these forever ago... But they were supposedly the posters for when they were first thinking about the campaigns for l4d2...
Also have the other six too...

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