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Re: Crashing out of L4D2 for no reason (runtime error)

PostPosted: 29 Aug 2012, 15:15
by erosineden
Sableagle wrote:
StixsmasterHD wrote:YOU ALL ARE WRONG!


Its SDKHOOKS is completely outdated. That is the whole reason why you are crashing with 0 error messages or anythang reporting back to you really at all.

I had this issue when I tried using that mod after Cold Stream update came out.

I did a "delete local contect" or whatever it's called on Source SDK, Source SDK base 2007 and Source SDK base 2006 (in that order, because it insisted), and revalidated, and I have just run The Parish, No Mercy and Crash Course on a local hosted server with no problems at all.


Interesting observation, as I left the mod in place: nobody likes playing with the Hunting Rifle Overbuff, but everybody loves having it on the team. Well, not on the bridge finale where you're better off with the AK or Tac Shotgun, but almost anywhere else.

So, how does one do this?

PostPosted: 29 Aug 2012, 15:29
by Roflmahwafflz
if u dont know what sourcemod is dont worry about it, sourcemod/metamod are files you add to the game that allow you to use specialty mods that almost every modded server uses, Tankbuster, Meteor Shower, Boss Tanks are all good examples.