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Post by JohnDorian » 24 Aug 2012, 03:56

I think you may mean Steam forum rather than Steam support, they wouldn't tell you to do that I don't think. You shouldn't have to 'remove' AVG or any anti-virus, simply disable it. I'd be surprised, however, if the coding for Steam was so sloppy that it didn't work with one of the more popular security packages on the PC platform. Chances are that the information you read had misidentified the problem.

In any case that error is more likely caused by the exe file still running when you tried to delete it. The Steam client is sometimes still running even when you exit it and the icon is gone from your taskbar. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to bring up your running tasks list and end the Steam.exe task.

Then delete the files/folders that gave you the error before. When you reinstall you may have to disable some AVG components if they are configured to protect your rig in a 'severe' way. It shouldn't harm anything to disable AVG to get the installing done, but be sure to re-enable it afterwards.
(I'd recommend a better security package, but they're all deeply flawed IMHO)

If the information you had from Steam support/forum turns out to be correct and you do have to remove AVG then we will sort that out later as it's a mighty pain to completely remove security packages.
Fingers crossed that a clean reinstall fixes the issues once and for all.

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Post by crash2004 » 24 Aug 2012, 07:09

Steam support does state to uninstall AVG if disabling does not resolve the issue. ... -SFLZ-9289

EDIT: Oops, fixed link.

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Post by JohnDorian » 24 Aug 2012, 07:23

crash2004 wrote:Steam support does state to uninstall AVG if disabling does not resolve the issue.

hmm .. awkward. Taking security software out is not as easy as it seems, I am surprised they couldn't code a workaround from their end. It looks like that link is really a last ditch attempt to get an install working when all else fails though, it really should work anyway - that doesn't mean it will, of course. Thanks for the info though Crash.

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Post by crash2004 » 24 Aug 2012, 07:31

At least that gives an option to try and rectify the problem. Always happy to try and help.

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Post by sweetcandybaloo » 27 Sep 2012, 16:28

my friend gave me an option if this happens to anyone he told me to go to game launch options and type in +sv consistency0 and when i tried that, the game so far had no more issues. but to everyone who replied to this thank you very much for the help really appreciate the help guys =D


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